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TransSingle Review June 2019

TransSingle Review June 2019

TransSingle Review June 2019

  • It has advanced level search filters.
  • You are able to set an event schedule up to hook up with other users.
  • there clearly was a video clip web page where you are able to browse other users’ videos.
  • You’ll receive and send virtual gift ideas.
  • Most functionalities can only just be accessed by spending people.
  • The web site design could be enhanced.

Registering: 4.0/5
Making Contact: 3.5/5
Profile Quality: 3.0/5
App: 3.0/5
Real Lifetime Review: 3.0/5

Our Review

TransSingle is a dating website that is created specifically for the dating needs of transgender and transsexual individuals. Certainly One of its objectives is to locate a relationship that is long-term its people in place of hook-ups. Its focus is always to link people with other those who are available to love that is finding severe relationships. In addition will not limit on sex because it nevertheless takes right people so long as they have been available to likelihood of entering a genderless relationship.

Member Framework

  • So that you can register you will need to fill a personality test out
  • All the people are transgender women in pre-operation stage.
  • You’ll decide to get combined with some of the genders that are following girl, guy, transgender girl, transgender man, transsexual, or couples.
  • There are over 20 genders that people can determine on their own with.

Be cautious about pages which are unverified and absence information or pictures. These kind of pages have higher possibility of being fakes and posers. To prevent scammers, you’ll select to communicate just with those whose pages are confirmed.

Age Circulation

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+


  • A member that is new to complete private information during enrollment.
  • Making a profile shall simply simply take two to three moments just.
  • You will straight away get match suggestions after enrollment.
  • The method is user-friendly.
  • You’ll upload one picture during enrollment that may serve as most of your picture.

Developing a profile is easy but you must make sure which you really identify with that you enter the gender. You will have to contact the support team to get it changed if you made a mistake. There are a complete large amount of sex possibilities during registration so select the one that best describes you.

Making Contact

  • There exists a free search device available.
  • You’ll just send one message per individual if you should be on a fundamental account.
  • You could deliver gifts that are virtual individuals you prefer.
  • You may deliver pictures and videos into the chatbox.
  • Delivering communications with other users is free for everybody
  • There exists a chatroom

In addition to delivering chat messages, it’s also possible to connect with other people by giving them digital gift suggestions. The selection differs from pet animals, vehicles, beverages, plants, meals, jewelry, footwear, and vacations.

Profile Quality

  • You can observe pictures inside pages also without having a compensated membership.
  • You’ll comment and upload on your own matches’ pages.
  • You could add pages to your ” Bookmarks” list to access them whenever easily you would like.
  • The pages are quite detail by detail
  • The profile information can later be changed
  • Profile photos are visually noticeable to everyone else at no cost
  • Picture and video clip records may later be released.

There exists a compatibility meter available within the profile that will help you find a better match. Publishing messages on other users’ pages is permitted, nonetheless it is just open to members that are paying.

  • The design for the software is appropriate and clear.
  • It’s more inviting fonts than the desktop variation.
  • The software is free for down load.

All of the functionalities based in the web web web site are obtainable in the application. The app appears more design-wise that is enhanced the desktop variation which makes it more inviting to utilize.

Real World Review

I’m uncertain if i’ll be capable of finding a severe relationship right here in TransSingle. First, it claims become 100% free but many of its functionalities are restricted simply to those people who have an upgraded account. I will just deliver one message per individual and that is it–I can’t also read their replies. Each and every time somebody replies if you ask me, the message just states “Upgrade.” Hitting the “Upgrade” only takes me personally to your update page. -Carol/Nurse, 28

Design and Usability

A number of the text links inside your website are difficult to learn since they’ve a similar color that is font the history. The profile web web page additionally appears to have squandered a complete great deal of areas. Its functionalities are often functional, but the design might utilize a small improvement.

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